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'To Thine Own Self Be True'

Like many of you, I was shocked by the sad news that Caroline Flack had taken her own life.

It seems that her life had just got too big for her, and she couldn't see a way out.

My heart goes out to her family, friends, and loyal fans.

It got me to pondering the subject of why people/artists/actors have what appears to be a desperate need to be in the public spotlight.

After all, it's not a natural way of life, as it takes a steely determination to keep focused on the prize and not be derailed by internet trolls and naysayers.

It's not a profession for the sensitive and faint-hearted.

However, for many famous people desperate to be celebrated, the glittering prize often becomes a gilded cage.

They end up not being able to live without the public watching their every move, which ironically is what they wanted in the first place.

But a bit like Pandora's beloved box, it's impossible to close the lid once you've opened it - once you are in the public eye, you are effectively public property. 

As has been proven time and time again, public fame, even when successful, can often consume a person whole and spit them out onto the scrap heap of life.

Why can't we reach the vulnerable 'wannabes' before they start marching off on the road to fame?    

Is there no way of equipping them with tools to help them cope with the rejection, envy, and hate that might come in their direction as they take their journey. 

In the same way that astronauts, soldiers, and many other professions have endurance tests for both mentally and physically.

Maybe I am too naive in my thinking, but some form of 'fame' endurance test would help people realize what they are letting themselves in for on their 'fame journey.'

Can someone tell me if this is something they teach at any of the acting academies? If they don't teach students about the fickleness of the fame industry, then they should.

If they do so already, then they should also teach it in schools.  

I've only ever wanted to be 'me,' and I've actually spent a long time realizing that. I really have to try hard when I am working with the horses to be myself, otherwise the horses would reject me.

Horses are such great teachers and often act as our mirrors, reflecting back to us what's really going on inside ourselves.

So for anybody reading this who is thinking of, or knows someone that is desperate for fame.

I would say get out and do some work with a herd of horses to maintain an important sense of balance.

As one of the most famous people of all time once said 'To thine own self be true'   

Actually wise words for all of us, not just those seeking fame. 

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