The Art of Gentling

At a state penitentiary in Arizona, prisoners are learning how to tame wild horses. As Haley Cohen found, these are also lessons for life – and for corrections policy

At a state penitentiary in Airzona, prisoners are learning how to tame wild horses

Radio Essex, UK

Recently Martin Harris, Radio Essex paid a visit to Contented People.   Martin was interested in how I work with horses to help humans  with a variety of issues..  To hear the interview click on the image below.

Touch forms the foundation of the powerful human-horse relationship

Research has shown that horses and humans have developed a unique way to communicate with one another, a kind of third language, neither fully human nor fully equine. What linguists call an “embodied language system” seems to have developed – a way of communicating that’s reliant on touch, emotional connection and becoming attuned to physical movements.  This thoughtful article explores this area in depth.

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre, Canada

A great story about a centre set up in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.  The centre focuses on Equine Facilitated Learning both teaching and training


House Approves $5 Million for Equine-Assisted Therapy for Veterans

The Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act of 2018 included an amendment to increase Veterans Affairs’ Adaptive Sports Grant Program funding equine-assisted therapy.   Click on the picture below for further information


This is an article about Equine-assisted therapy programs at Squirrelwood Equine Sanctuary, Heroes and Horses, and the Man O’ War Project at Columbia University Irving Medical Center are having a profound impact treating veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. There is a really beautiful film embedded in the copy of this article which is very moving.  Click on the picture below for further information

Animal Cognition - How do horses communicate with humans.

There’s a wealth of recent research that has shed new light on horses’ abilities to understand and communicate with human caretakers. This article examines the current scientific understanding of the various ways horses communicate with the humans around them.

Horses remember if you smiled or frowned when they last saw you

The 'New Scientist' featured some research on how horses can remember the facial expressions they see on human faces and respond differently if you smiled or frowned when they last saw you.  Click on the picture below to find further details on the  research carried out by the Unversities of Sussex and Portsmouth.

Horse Stories - Radio 4, Healing Horses

Radio 4's Claire Balding recently completed a series of programes around Horses and their stories.  In this insightful  programme Claire  visits contrasting stables in Brixton and Edgware, North London to see how horses are being used to help people with mental and physical health problems. Can equine therapy offer hope to young people affected by gang violence and addiction?