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1/ “Alex is able to provide a unique experience to those with a range of mental health difficulties, which would be especially recommended for those who find it difficult to relate to traditional therapies. 

We have observed how her clients appreciated, and looked forward to, the work they undertook with Alex and the horses.  There was a consistent reported improvement in mood and anxiety levels following each session.

Alex is professional and approachable, with a calm and friendly manner.  She was able to tailor the sessions in response to individual needs and maintain a safe and pleasant therapeutic environment. 

Alex used a range of activities with the horse to explore and develop self-awareness of feelings and energy prior to each session, which provided the foundation for further work around self-regulation and relationships with others.  There was a clear focus on addressing areas of development identified and effective contributions for how these skills could be consolidated between sessions.”

Head of Staand Occupational Therapist, Pupil Referral Clinic, Essex

2/  "I found the experience with Alex and her horse extremely helpful; the calm and beautiful setting  provided me with the ideal peace and tranquillity, in which to allow me to listen to Alex.


Alex has a gentle but reassuring voice which I found relaxing in itself.


The presence of the horse was new but effective and I feel was an important part of the process.   I would thoroughly recommend Alex to anyone requiring her services"



JB, retired policeman


3/  "It was lovely being with Alex and the horses.  


Alex explained everything before we started and it was a very interesting experience, but to me the real healing began in the days after the session, as I began to realise my fears are not my own but something that happens to me via the outer world - this became possible through Alex's expert tutorage and the amazing horses"

Celia Leslie, The Transformational Breath Company

4/  "I loved the horse painting.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it.  But I loved it, and was surprised at how emotional it was. 

I felt so much better afterwards, it definitely cleared something in me.  I had been mulling over a few things, and after this, I seem to have a bit

more direction.


It was fabulous !


I would recommend this to anyone, even if you are not keen on horses, which I'm not


I cannot thank Alex and her horse enough"

Louise Johnson, The Body Matters

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