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Trying to Capture Lighting in a Bottle

Our good friend, Martin Griffin, sadly passed away recently. I was desperately trying to think of a way to describe him to you but it's virtually impossible.

All I can say is that his funeral and wake were like his life - brilliant, funny, filled with energy and laughter,

This gives a little insight into his personality - he was in New York with 'Music Link' getting very close to tying David Bowie into a sponsorship deal with Babycham. Bowie looked at him and asked: “If you were me, would you do this?" To which Martin paused and then said: “Probably not”.

Music Link's main backer was apoplectic, but like everybody else who knew him, could not but love him for it.

Originally known for being the drummer for the band Hawkwind - Martin was a pioneer and along with his partner set-up the consultancy Music Link.

Music Link was set up to offer music as a new medium, deploying bands, tours, merchandise, etc as a channel speaking to youth. Equally, it opened whole new revenue streams to the music business.

I knew him as a good friend, a lovely fella who would use the word 'man' when he really wanted to make a point, with anyone else this would have seemed naff but with Martin, it just made him deeply cool.

He turned up late to my wedding comically overtaking my father and myself as we were walking down the aisle. Talk about upstaging.

The wonderful stories, read beautifully by family and friends at Martin's funeral made everyone laugh and cry in equal measures. He would have loved it!

I talk about and observe energy a lot with the work I do with the horses through the practice of Equine Facilitated Learning.

I always tell clients that you can recognize someone with good energy as you are automatically drawn to them.

Martin was a great example of one of these people.

Wherever you are now Martin, you left the world a better place for having been in it but we will miss you dreadfully.

Thank you, for your love, your energy and your presence on this earth.

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